Solar Flagpole Lights, Lighting your Flag the Easy Way

Solar Flagpole LightsSolar flagpole lights are suitable for official and private buildings, businesses and private properties. The solar spotlight specially designed for flag lighting will automatically take care of the illumination of your flag every night, without any intervention from your part. As a result, you are not required any longer to lower the flag at sunset. Solar flag pole lights not only give you the opportunity to show your patriotism, they are a quick, safe, easy and affordable system to highlight your flags.

It is stated in the US code that the universal practice is to display outdoor flags from sunrise to sunset. But if appropriately light up during the night the flag can be kept up 24 hours. This practice is not exclusive to American flags only, it is applied in most countries.

Using solar energy for this purpose means that once the initial purchase is made, you will have no ongoing electricity costs. A solar flag pole light is ideal for situations where no electricity is available or wires are difficult to pull. Best of all, when installing a solar light there is no need for an electrician as no power from the grid or electrical wiring is needed.

Solar flagpole lights usually come in two different configurations

  • The first one like the Liberty Light, can be directly attached to the flag pole thanks to a built-in bracket allowing a precise positioning of the light.
  • The second option allows illumination of the flag from the ground. In this case the light is setup on the ground close to the base of the pole and all is required is to direct it in the direction of the flag. Some models can be also mounted on a wall near the flag.

Before choosing which model of solar flagpole light to buy, it is also very important to know that solar lights for flag poles come with different specifications. Commercial grade are heavy duty, powerful and reliable solar lights. They can be used to illuminate flags on official buildings, factories, monuments, cemeteries and other public places. Residential solar flag lights are more suitable for personal use; they can be less powerful than the commercial ones but in almost all cases are perfect for lighting the flag in your backyard or in the front of your property.

In all situations, the use of solar technology on these lights makes them very reliable. The use of super bright LEDs (Led Emitting Diodes) provides enough light to light-up most flags. LEDs are known to consume very little energy and to have a very long lifetime; this is one of the main reasons why they are so widely used in modern solar lighting technology. Unlike incandescent bulb lights, maintenance on solar products is limited to the minimum.
A solar flag pole light is not only suitable for flagpole lighting. It can also be used for example as solar security lights, solar accent lights, solar sign lights and solar spot lights. Such solar applications usually require a powerful enough lighting which can be obtained by using ultra bright LEDs.