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Solar Spotlight, efficient solar lighting integration

Solar Spotlight

A solar spotlight is a good option if you need lighting for outside, or even inside your house or workshop for example.

Solar lighting offers a lot of advantages. Few years back, the cost of solar lights was too high to be considered by many people, but with the continual improvements of solar technology, prices are becoming more affordable. Free energy and reasonable costs have generated a bigger demand. As a result, using a solar spotlight is becoming very popular and such solar lights can be seen today in almost any gardens.

Solar lights offer the easiest way to integrate lighting to your landscape or even to your home. Forget about the annoyance and risks of having to manipulate electricity or running cables from the house to the garden.

Unlike the discreet glow produced by ordinary solar garden lights, a solar powered spot lights generate a powerful and focused illumination. This feature is perfect when it comes to accent lighting.
Judiciously placed, they will beautifully emphasize the best part of your landscape or dramatically illuminate at night the different objects you want to proudly display.

A solar spotlight can also provide security and safety lighting for your pathway or steps

If you are a handyman and know how to use some basic tools you can even convert a solar spot light to highlight your flag during the night. If it is not the case, ready made solar lights for flagpoles are available on the market; installing one of them is a great way to show your patriotic spirit.

Fixing them is an easy task. Most models come with ground stakes that just need to be put at the location of your choice. Some solar lights have the option to be wall mounted; they can be fastened with a few screws to any flat surface. All these mounting options are designed to facilitate the installation process.

If the solar panel that comes with the solar spotlight is detachable, you can envisage lighting some rooms in the house.
By placing the solar panel outside in a sunny location and the light fixture inside you’ve just designed a basic indoor solar lighting system.
Such set-up can also be used for other applications like lighting your garage or shed. Some people are even using them for outdoor activities like camping, fishing and RV.

Recent solar powered spot lights are equipped with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) as the source light. The choice of LED technology as a substitute of usual light bulbs, resides in the fact that extra bright LEDs are very low consumers of energy. Not only these tiny lights are not starving for power, they are also designed to last for a very long period of time. Forget about replacing light bulbs.

Maintenance is very limited, the only device you’ll ever have to replace on your solar spotlight are the batteries. As soon as you notice a degradation of the overall performances like lower lighting duration or dim illumination, the first things you have to think of are the batteries. In general, this shouldn’t happen before a couple of years.


Solar Motion Sensor Lights, affordable security lighting

Solar Motion Sensor LightsSolar motion sensor lights light-up automatically and stay on as long as a person is in the detection perimeter of the solar light. Although originally designed for security lighting, they can be used as back-up lighting as well when you need lighting in rarely used locations. For example, solar security lights can be a very convenient source of lighting in your attic, car park and garage. Illuminating your porch or the main gate of your property is also possible with this type of solar lights. When your car is in the detection area suddenly the light comes on, same for you or your visitors entering the porch of your home.

For those of you who need a sound alarm in addition to the lighting, some manufacturers propose a solar security light equipped with a siren. In this particular product, sound and light are set off at the same moment. The alarm feature can be deactivated at anytime.

Solar motion sensor lights are bright enough to effectively cover any area you wish to guard

They throw a powerful illumination into the area for a few minutes when any movement is detected.
The motion detector can be adjusted at your convenience to make the lighting period shorter or longer. Sensibility of the detector can also be fine-tuned; it is a practical option because you don’t want unnecessary illumination triggered by other than humans.
Passive infrared detectors can spot any activity produced by human beings in the covered area. Usually they can “see” up to 50 feet or 15 meters. In fact they can’t see, the infrared detector only sense the temperature of living persons or animals.

The light source employed on solar motion sensor lights is usually of halogen type, but a new breed of solar security lights use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LEDs are becoming common in modern lighting and especially in solar lighting. Their long life-span, low power consumption and good luminosity make them ideal for such applications. Almost all new solar lights are equipped with light emitting diodes.

Solar motion sensor lights can be installed on any kind of surface. As they are running on solar energy, there is no need for electric wiring. They come with a small solar panel which can be removed from the solar security light body. This is a useful feature if you want to place the solar panel under direct sunshine far from the light itself. During the day the small solar panel collects the solar energy and transfer it to the battery located inside the security light.

Not only solar motion lights will keep your home safe by shedding punctual and bright illumination on intruders, but it will make you save money by using less electricity. No need anymore to keep an electric light bulb burning all night long.

For those of you who need a permanent source of lighting all night long there is no need for motion sensor lights. You can simply install solar spot lights or solar lights for flag poles and point them to the location that needs illumination.

Solar Security Light, for a safer property

Solar Security LightA solar security light is ideal when it comes to making your habitation safer. The sudden flash of light triggered by the motion detector will discourage trespassers.

It can also be a useful and simple way to light infrequently used locations like garages for example. Solar motion sensor lights can also be used as porch lights to welcome your friends.
Due to the fact that they are powered by solar energy, there is no need for complicated electric cabling and best of all using solar lights will help you reduce your electricity bills.

Installing a solar security light is straightforward. Just decide on the location you need to protect and fix it to any surface. The only thing you have to be careful about is to install the solar light high enough to prevent any tampering by eventual intruders.
You will also have to position the built-in motion detector in such a way it can cover the area you need to protect. In general, motion detectors cover a 180° radius. The sensitivity of the motion detector will also have to be fine tuned to avoid an intempestive triggering of the light when for example small animals are passing in the protected perimeter. On some models you can also modify the lighting period.

You will find on your solar security light a small solar panel that can be separated from the light

The solar panel still remains connected to the solar light by a long cable. This option is very useful when there is not enough sunlight at the location of the light. In this case you just need to install the solar panel at a more convenient place where it can be exposed to the sun during the day.
The sole task of the solar panel is to gather the solar energy coming from the sun and to pass it to the battery for allowing it to charge. Before using your solar security light for the first time, let the battery recharge for 24 to 48 hours. In General, 6volts/4 or 6 amperes batteries are used on such solar lights. Well maintained they can easily last for 2 years.

The light source of a solar powered security light can be either halogen bulbs or LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The major advantage of light emitting diodes is their very small power consumption, this means longer running time.
LEDs are also long-lasting. Ultra bright LEDs and extra bright LEDs are frequently used in modern solar lighting technology; they come in different lighting colors and are suitable for a multitude of solar or electric lighting applications.

You may need a solar security light which stays ON all night long to shed light on a particular area of your property. In this case, there is no need for a motion detector. You can just install a solar flagpole light or a solar LED spot light to do the job. These simple solar lights are specially designed to operate from dusk to dawn thanks to a photo-cell.

Solar Sign Lights, for commercial and residential purposes

Solar Signs LightsSolar sign lights were originally engineered and designed to illuminate real estate signs. Initially, the ones who pushed for the development of solar sign lighting technology were real estate agents. Tired to have to pull electric wires and to change bulbs frequently they created the demand for such solar product. Once the product developed, in addition to sign lighting, people began to find other practical and original solar lighting applications. Solar address lights or solar address signs are a few examples. Solar lights for flag poles are also used for lighting signs.

Solar sign lights come in two versions. Depending on the model you choose, they can light one or both side of real estate signs. They can be bolt directly on the real estate signs with a special fixture specially designed theft and vandal proof. The beam of light can be aimed in the right direction so that your real estate signs are perfectly visible during the night.

Solar sign lights are specially designed to automatically switch-on when night falls

A tiny built-in device called photocell detects the change of the ambient luminosity and triggers the light. On some models a manual switch allows the user to turn-off the light at any time, This feature bypass the photo-cell and can be convenient if light pollution is an issue in the neighborhood. The next morning the small solar cell gather the sun’s energy and the recharging of the batteries begin. This process will last as long as the sun is shining. Battery technology has considerably evolved and NiMh batteries have a very good autonomy.

Most good quality solar sign lights can generate bright lighting all night long. Lighting is produced by extra bright LEDs (Led Emitting Diodes). Contrary to small traditional light bulbs LEDs can last for a very long time (50.000 to 100.000 hours) in addition LEDs consume very little energy. Resistance, very long life-span and low power consumption is what characterize LEDs. This is the main reason why they are widely used in modern solar lighting technology. On solar sign lights anything from 2 to 100 LEDs is available on the market. The more LEDs the more illumination power is generated. Solar lights with a lot of LEDs can be used to illuminate big real estate signs or advertising billboards for example.

The main advantage of solar lights is that there is no need to have cables coming from the electric grid. Being powered by the sun, it is important to make sure that the solar panel is exposed during daylight. It is the only effective way for the batteries to recharge. Another important thing to do is to clean the solar panel when dirty. Dirt an residues can prevent the sun from reaching the layers of the solar cells. This will result in poor lighting performances.

By lighting your real estate signs with solar sign lights, your marketing efforts will work even at night and will definitely give you an evident advantage over your competitors. By displaying your signs 24 hours, you can increase your chances of attracting potential buyers and your customers will be happy knowing that you are doing your best to sell their properties.

Solar Spot Lights, accent and security lighting made easy

Solar Spot LightsSolar spot lights are available and suitable for a multitude of accent lighting applications. Not only these solar lights will enhance the look and beauty of particular objects and places in your garden, they are also useful for safety or security function. Illuminating stairs or a path in your property during the night is a must. And using solar lighting for that effect can be a good and cost-effective idea.

If you are looking to highlight flowers, ponds, plants or trees without hassle and great results, they are without a doubt the perfect solution. They can also serve as solar sign lights (for small business or home signs) or even be adapted to become solar flagpole lights.

If you don’t want your spot light fixtures to be too much noticeable during the day, some models come disguised as normal rocks. This camouflage feature allows a pretty and discreet integration of your landscape solar lighting system.

Solar spot lights range from popular and affordable models (single unit) to more sophisticated and expensive ones having multiple spots connected to the same solar panel; this type of lighting kits allows highlighting of various locations at the same time.

Contrary to electric spotlights, solar spot lights will significantly reduce your lighting expenses

Not only your electricity bill will be lower, but your running costs as well. Since such solar lights are equipped with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) there is no need to replace bulbs frequently. LEDs are specially designed to last for an extremely long period of time; in addition extra bright LEDs use considerably less energy than ordinary light bulbs. Several LEDs are put together to provide sufficient illumination.

The lights can be wall mounted or stick into the ground with ground stakes. They can be adjusted with precision to illuminate in any direction you want
The lighting sequence of solar spot lights automatically starts at dusk and end at sunrise; the process is controlled by an electronic device called photocell. On some models a small switch bypass the photocell to allow manual intervention.
At sunrise, once the LEDs are switched off, the solar panel come into action and begin to recharge the batteries till sunset.

Depending on the type of solar lights, the solar panel is located on the light fixture or come as a stand alone component which can be placed at a distance from the light. This configuration is generally available when you buy a solar spot lights kit consisting of several lights. With such kits all the lights are connected to the same solar panel. Good solar panels will properly work even in partly shaded areas.

Fitting electric outdoor lights can be a challenging task to the home owner. Not only you have to pay for the lights, you also need to hire an electrician to do the job. Installation wise, solar lights are a breeze to install. No electric cables, no electrician, no excavation work is required and they are safe to install yourself. Solar spot lights are weatherproof and can be installed easily on any surface.

Solar Lights for Flagpoles, LED and solar technology combined

Solar Lights for FlagpolesSolar lights for flagpole either designed for pole, ground or wall mounting use the same technology. As with all modern solar lights the main components forming the system are the solar panel, rechargeable batteries and LED’s (Led Emitting Diodes). In addition an electronic circuit consisting of a photocell automatically switches-on the light at night and off at sunrise. They are often used as solar sign lights or for solar billboard lighting.

During the day, when there is sunshine, the solar panel captures the energy coming from the sun. This energy is transformed to DC power suitable for recharging the batteries inside the light fixture. As long that there is sunshine the batteries will recharge and keep their energy for the coming night.

On solar lights for flag poles designed to be mounted directly on the pole itself, like the Liberty Light, the small solar panel is attached to the light and it can be adjusted vertically for maximum exposure to the sun. On other models like ground or wall mounted, the solar panel can be detached from the light. This is practical if you need to place the light at a location where there is no sunshine. In this case, all you have to do is to place the stand-alone solar panel in a sunny location and the light at the place of your choice.


Both commercial and residential solar flagpole lights use extra bright LED’s but the difference is in the number of LED’s each one have. On commercial products an array of 50 LED’s or more forms the lamp. The light generated is roughly equivalent to a 75 watts light bulb and can effectively illuminate a 25’ to 30′ flag pole. On residential solar flagpole lights designed to be installed on the pole, 3 or 4 LED’s are used. They can decently light-up a 20’ flag pole.

On some commercial solar lights for flagpoles you have the option of choosing different solar panels output power

Opting for a bigger output will not increase at the intensity of the light itself but will help recharging the battery faster. This can be a good solution in winter for example when days are shorter or on overcast days.
Maintenance on solar flagpole lights is reduced to almost nothing. You’ll probably never need to change the LED’s as they are designed to operate something like 100.000 hours. The only things you’ll need to replace every couple of year are the batteries. The single regular routine you have to perform is to clean the solar panel once in a while. Removing dust and other residues from the solar panel surface will improve the overall charging performances of the solar light. A solar panel covered with dust will not work at his full potential and this will result in a battery not being properly charged, as a result a noticeable reduction of the lighting time can occur.

Good solar lights for flag poles fitted with quality components can easily illuminate your flags all night long till morning.