Solar Lights for Flagpoles, LED and solar technology combined

Solar Lights for FlagpolesSolar lights for flagpole either designed for pole, ground or wall mounting use the same technology. As with all modern solar lights the main components forming the system are the solar panel, rechargeable batteries and LED’s (Led Emitting Diodes). In addition an electronic circuit consisting of a photocell automatically switches-on the light at night and off at sunrise. They are often used as solar sign lights or for solar billboard lighting.

During the day, when there is sunshine, the solar panel captures the energy coming from the sun. This energy is transformed to DC power suitable for recharging the batteries inside the light fixture. As long that there is sunshine the batteries will recharge and keep their energy for the coming night.

On solar lights for flag poles designed to be mounted directly on the pole itself, like the Liberty Light, the small solar panel is attached to the light and it can be adjusted vertically for maximum exposure to the sun. On other models like ground or wall mounted, the solar panel can be detached from the light. This is practical if you need to place the light at a location where there is no sunshine. In this case, all you have to do is to place the stand-alone solar panel in a sunny location and the light at the place of your choice.


Both commercial and residential solar flagpole lights use extra bright LED’s but the difference is in the number of LED’s each one have. On commercial products an array of 50 LED’s or more forms the lamp. The light generated is roughly equivalent to a 75 watts light bulb and can effectively illuminate a 25’ to 30′ flag pole. On residential solar flagpole lights designed to be installed on the pole, 3 or 4 LED’s are used. They can decently light-up a 20’ flag pole.

On some commercial solar lights for flagpoles you have the option of choosing different solar panels output power

Opting for a bigger output will not increase at the intensity of the light itself but will help recharging the battery faster. This can be a good solution in winter for example when days are shorter or on overcast days.
Maintenance on solar flagpole lights is reduced to almost nothing. You’ll probably never need to change the LED’s as they are designed to operate something like 100.000 hours. The only things you’ll need to replace every couple of year are the batteries. The single regular routine you have to perform is to clean the solar panel once in a while. Removing dust and other residues from the solar panel surface will improve the overall charging performances of the solar light. A solar panel covered with dust will not work at his full potential and this will result in a battery not being properly charged, as a result a noticeable reduction of the lighting time can occur.

Good solar lights for flag poles fitted with quality components can easily illuminate your flags all night long till morning.


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