Solar Motion Sensor Lights, affordable security lighting

Solar Motion Sensor LightsSolar motion sensor lights light-up automatically and stay on as long as a person is in the detection perimeter of the solar light. Although originally designed for security lighting, they can be used as back-up lighting as well when you need lighting in rarely used locations. For example, solar security lights can be a very convenient source of lighting in your attic, car park and garage. Illuminating your porch or the main gate of your property is also possible with this type of solar lights. When your car is in the detection area suddenly the light comes on, same for you or your visitors entering the porch of your home.

For those of you who need a sound alarm in addition to the lighting, some manufacturers propose a solar security light equipped with a siren. In this particular product, sound and light are set off at the same moment. The alarm feature can be deactivated at anytime.

Solar motion sensor lights are bright enough to effectively cover any area you wish to guard

They throw a powerful illumination into the area for a few minutes when any movement is detected.
The motion detector can be adjusted at your convenience to make the lighting period shorter or longer. Sensibility of the detector can also be fine-tuned; it is a practical option because you don’t want unnecessary illumination triggered by other than humans.
Passive infrared detectors can spot any activity produced by human beings in the covered area. Usually they can “see” up to 50 feet or 15 meters. In fact they can’t see, the infrared detector only sense the temperature of living persons or animals.

The light source employed on solar motion sensor lights is usually of halogen type, but a new breed of solar security lights use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LEDs are becoming common in modern lighting and especially in solar lighting. Their long life-span, low power consumption and good luminosity make them ideal for such applications. Almost all new solar lights are equipped with light emitting diodes.

Solar motion sensor lights can be installed on any kind of surface. As they are running on solar energy, there is no need for electric wiring. They come with a small solar panel which can be removed from the solar security light body. This is a useful feature if you want to place the solar panel under direct sunshine far from the light itself. During the day the small solar panel collects the solar energy and transfer it to the battery located inside the security light.

Not only solar motion lights will keep your home safe by shedding punctual and bright illumination on intruders, but it will make you save money by using less electricity. No need anymore to keep an electric light bulb burning all night long.

For those of you who need a permanent source of lighting all night long there is no need for motion sensor lights. You can simply install solar spot lights or solar lights for flag poles and point them to the location that needs illumination.

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