Solar Security Light, for a safer property

Solar Security LightA solar security light is ideal when it comes to making your habitation safer. The sudden flash of light triggered by the motion detector will discourage trespassers.

It can also be a useful and simple way to light infrequently used locations like garages for example. Solar motion sensor lights can also be used as porch lights to welcome your friends.
Due to the fact that they are powered by solar energy, there is no need for complicated electric cabling and best of all using solar lights will help you reduce your electricity bills.

Installing a solar security light is straightforward. Just decide on the location you need to protect and fix it to any surface. The only thing you have to be careful about is to install the solar light high enough to prevent any tampering by eventual intruders.
You will also have to position the built-in motion detector in such a way it can cover the area you need to protect. In general, motion detectors cover a 180° radius. The sensitivity of the motion detector will also have to be fine tuned to avoid an intempestive triggering of the light when for example small animals are passing in the protected perimeter. On some models you can also modify the lighting period.

You will find on your solar security light a small solar panel that can be separated from the light

The solar panel still remains connected to the solar light by a long cable. This option is very useful when there is not enough sunlight at the location of the light. In this case you just need to install the solar panel at a more convenient place where it can be exposed to the sun during the day.
The sole task of the solar panel is to gather the solar energy coming from the sun and to pass it to the battery for allowing it to charge. Before using your solar security light for the first time, let the battery recharge for 24 to 48 hours. In General, 6volts/4 or 6 amperes batteries are used on such solar lights. Well maintained they can easily last for 2 years.

The light source of a solar powered security light can be either halogen bulbs or LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The major advantage of light emitting diodes is their very small power consumption, this means longer running time.
LEDs are also long-lasting. Ultra bright LEDs and extra bright LEDs are frequently used in modern solar lighting technology; they come in different lighting colors and are suitable for a multitude of solar or electric lighting applications.

You may need a solar security light which stays ON all night long to shed light on a particular area of your property. In this case, there is no need for a motion detector. You can just install a solar flagpole light or a solar LED spot light to do the job. These simple solar lights are specially designed to operate from dusk to dawn thanks to a photo-cell.

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