Solar Sign Lights, for commercial and residential purposes

Solar Signs LightsSolar sign lights were originally engineered and designed to illuminate real estate signs. Initially, the ones who pushed for the development of solar sign lighting technology were real estate agents. Tired to have to pull electric wires and to change bulbs frequently they created the demand for such solar product. Once the product developed, in addition to sign lighting, people began to find other practical and original solar lighting applications. Solar address lights or solar address signs are a few examples. Solar lights for flag poles are also used for lighting signs.

Solar sign lights come in two versions. Depending on the model you choose, they can light one or both side of real estate signs. They can be bolt directly on the real estate signs with a special fixture specially designed theft and vandal proof. The beam of light can be aimed in the right direction so that your real estate signs are perfectly visible during the night.

Solar sign lights are specially designed to automatically switch-on when night falls

A tiny built-in device called photocell detects the change of the ambient luminosity and triggers the light. On some models a manual switch allows the user to turn-off the light at any time, This feature bypass the photo-cell and can be convenient if light pollution is an issue in the neighborhood. The next morning the small solar cell gather the sun’s energy and the recharging of the batteries begin. This process will last as long as the sun is shining. Battery technology has considerably evolved and NiMh batteries have a very good autonomy.

Most good quality solar sign lights can generate bright lighting all night long. Lighting is produced by extra bright LEDs (Led Emitting Diodes). Contrary to small traditional light bulbs LEDs can last for a very long time (50.000 to 100.000 hours) in addition LEDs consume very little energy. Resistance, very long life-span and low power consumption is what characterize LEDs. This is the main reason why they are widely used in modern solar lighting technology. On solar sign lights anything from 2 to 100 LEDs is available on the market. The more LEDs the more illumination power is generated. Solar lights with a lot of LEDs can be used to illuminate big real estate signs or advertising billboards for example.

The main advantage of solar lights is that there is no need to have cables coming from the electric grid. Being powered by the sun, it is important to make sure that the solar panel is exposed during daylight. It is the only effective way for the batteries to recharge. Another important thing to do is to clean the solar panel when dirty. Dirt an residues can prevent the sun from reaching the layers of the solar cells. This will result in poor lighting performances.

By lighting your real estate signs with solar sign lights, your marketing efforts will work even at night and will definitely give you an evident advantage over your competitors. By displaying your signs 24 hours, you can increase your chances of attracting potential buyers and your customers will be happy knowing that you are doing your best to sell their properties.

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