Solar Spot Lights, accent and security lighting made easy

Solar Spot LightsSolar spot lights are available and suitable for a multitude of accent lighting applications. Not only these solar lights will enhance the look and beauty of particular objects and places in your garden, they are also useful for safety or security function. Illuminating stairs or a path in your property during the night is a must. And using solar lighting for that effect can be a good and cost-effective idea.

If you are looking to highlight flowers, ponds, plants or trees without hassle and great results, they are without a doubt the perfect solution. They can also serve as solar sign lights (for small business or home signs) or even be adapted to become solar flagpole lights.

If you don’t want your spot light fixtures to be too much noticeable during the day, some models come disguised as normal rocks. This camouflage feature allows a pretty and discreet integration of your landscape solar lighting system.

Solar spot lights range from popular and affordable models (single unit) to more sophisticated and expensive ones having multiple spots connected to the same solar panel; this type of lighting kits allows highlighting of various locations at the same time.

Contrary to electric spotlights, solar spot lights will significantly reduce your lighting expenses

Not only your electricity bill will be lower, but your running costs as well. Since such solar lights are equipped with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) there is no need to replace bulbs frequently. LEDs are specially designed to last for an extremely long period of time; in addition extra bright LEDs use considerably less energy than ordinary light bulbs. Several LEDs are put together to provide sufficient illumination.

The lights can be wall mounted or stick into the ground with ground stakes. They can be adjusted with precision to illuminate in any direction you want
The lighting sequence of solar spot lights automatically starts at dusk and end at sunrise; the process is controlled by an electronic device called photocell. On some models a small switch bypass the photocell to allow manual intervention.
At sunrise, once the LEDs are switched off, the solar panel come into action and begin to recharge the batteries till sunset.

Depending on the type of solar lights, the solar panel is located on the light fixture or come as a stand alone component which can be placed at a distance from the light. This configuration is generally available when you buy a solar spot lights kit consisting of several lights. With such kits all the lights are connected to the same solar panel. Good solar panels will properly work even in partly shaded areas.

Fitting electric outdoor lights can be a challenging task to the home owner. Not only you have to pay for the lights, you also need to hire an electrician to do the job. Installation wise, solar lights are a breeze to install. No electric cables, no electrician, no excavation work is required and they are safe to install yourself. Solar spot lights are weatherproof and can be installed easily on any surface.

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