Solar Spotlight, efficient solar lighting integration

Solar Spotlight

A solar spotlight is a good option if you need lighting for outside, or even inside your house or workshop for example.

Solar lighting offers a lot of advantages. Few years back, the cost of solar lights was too high to be considered by many people, but with the continual improvements of solar technology, prices are becoming more affordable. Free energy and reasonable costs have generated a bigger demand. As a result, using a solar spotlight is becoming very popular and such solar lights can be seen today in almost any gardens.

Solar lights offer the easiest way to integrate lighting to your landscape or even to your home. Forget about the annoyance and risks of having to manipulate electricity or running cables from the house to the garden.

Unlike the discreet glow produced by ordinary solar garden lights, a solar powered spot lights generate a powerful and focused illumination. This feature is perfect when it comes to accent lighting.
Judiciously placed, they will beautifully emphasize the best part of your landscape or dramatically illuminate at night the different objects you want to proudly display.

A solar spotlight can also provide security and safety lighting for your pathway or steps

If you are a handyman and know how to use some basic tools you can even convert a solar spot light to highlight your flag during the night. If it is not the case, ready made solar lights for flagpoles are available on the market; installing one of them is a great way to show your patriotic spirit.

Fixing them is an easy task. Most models come with ground stakes that just need to be put at the location of your choice. Some solar lights have the option to be wall mounted; they can be fastened with a few screws to any flat surface. All these mounting options are designed to facilitate the installation process.

If the solar panel that comes with the solar spotlight is detachable, you can envisage lighting some rooms in the house.
By placing the solar panel outside in a sunny location and the light fixture inside you’ve just designed a basic indoor solar lighting system.
Such set-up can also be used for other applications like lighting your garage or shed. Some people are even using them for outdoor activities like camping, fishing and RV.

Recent solar powered spot lights are equipped with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) as the source light. The choice of LED technology as a substitute of usual light bulbs, resides in the fact that extra bright LEDs are very low consumers of energy. Not only these tiny lights are not starving for power, they are also designed to last for a very long period of time. Forget about replacing light bulbs.

Maintenance is very limited, the only device you’ll ever have to replace on your solar spotlight are the batteries. As soon as you notice a degradation of the overall performances like lower lighting duration or dim illumination, the first things you have to think of are the batteries. In general, this shouldn’t happen before a couple of years.


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